Scope and Mission
The scope and mission of the committee is to provide a forum for non-dealer firms, represented by the ISDA subscriber membership category, that are active in privately negotiated derivatives as clients, investment managers, managed funds, insurance companies and other types of entities. The committee will discuss OTC derivatives operations processing, documentation, risk management and market practices. In addition, the committee will provide a forum for non-dealer firms to develop their views and to share those views with the relevant ISDA committees and working groups. Involvement in the committee does not preclude involvement in any of the other ISDA committees and working groups. Rather, the committee will be a means to stay updated on the work underway in a variety of initiatives and to identify and deal with the committee’s specific issues where appropriate.

Staff contact:

This is an invitation only group. If you are interested in joining this group please contact either Richard Metcalfe or Katherine Darras ( Please note that this Committee is intended only for buyside members.


  Last Updated: January 10, 2011