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Operations Working Groups

Operations Credit Derivatives Working Group
This group looks at the development of standards and the advancement of automation in credit derivatives operations.

Chair: Tara Kruse, Morgan Stanley
Staff contact: Nichole Framularo (nframularo@isda.org)

Operations Equity Working Group
This Group promotes and measures the advance of automation into equity derivatives processing, it also keeps under review the array of Master Confirmations with a view to potential additions to the range.

Chair: Philip Franz, Bank of America
Staff Contact: Clive Ansell (cansell@isda.org)

Operations Interest Rates Products Working Group
This Group is responsible for the maintenance of the Cash Settlement matrix and will consider standalone policy issues such as the usage of early termination options. It also drives standardization in respect of more detailed rates products characteristics and elections.

Chair: Jamie Brigstock, Citigroup
Global Staff Contact: Anna Box (abox@isda.org)

Commodities Operations Working Group
This Group covers familiar OTC derivatives operations issues such as standardization of confirmations; promotion of automation, metrics etc.

Chair: Bill Hirshorn, Morgan Stanley
Staff Contact: Nichole Framularo (nframularo@isda.org)

Settlements Working Group
Staff contact: Julian Day (jday@isda.org)

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