The following documents must be submitted to the ISDA office in New York or London in order to adhere to the 2001 Euro Protocol:

  • One signed copy of the Adherence Letter, indicating which Annexes are applicable and providing information on the contact person at the adhering party.

  • One conformed copy of the Adherence Letter. A conformed copy is an exact copy of the signed letter with the name of the person signing the letter typed on the signature line. A signature should not appear on the conformed copy of the letter.

  • Payment of the $1,000 adherence fee. Payment can accompany the above letters or payment can be made using the payment options form. For the payment options form, please click here.

Please note that deliveries in person to the ISDA offices in New York or London must be made during business hours. Business hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, Monday through Friday, except for holidays during which time the office is closed.

No other documents are required in order to adhere to the 2001 Euro Protocol. Supporting documentation, such as board resolutions or a list of authorized signatures, can be provided and will be held in safekeeping by ISDA, but it is not necessary to submit such documents in order to adhere to the Protocol. Access to supporting documentation will only be provided in special circumstances.

Addresses for Delivery of Adherence Letters:

ISDA - New York
2001 Euro Protocol
600 Fifth Avenue, 27th Floor
Rockefeller Center
New York, New York 10020
Fax #: (212) 332-1212
ISDA - London
2001 Euro Protocol
One New Change
London EC4M 9QQ
Fax #: 44-207-330-3555