SFTR Contact Details

The Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) Information Statement is a template disclosure document for use by market participants to inform their counterparties of the general risks and consequences that may be involved in consenting to a right of use of collateral provided under a security collateral arrangement or of concluding a title transfer collateral arrangement. The table below has been compiled by ISDA following requests from members for a centralised database of contact information for institutions with the aim of promoting efficient delivery of SFTR Information Statements between market participants.

The information set out has been provided to ISDA by the entities listed below and ISDA has not taken any steps to verify or confirm the accuracy of such information. ISDA does not accept any responsibility for incorrect or inaccurate information and each entity relying on the information below should take all necessary steps to verify that any communication sent has been received by the other party. Please note that the information set out below is subject to change and update and only the most recent information should be used as the relevant contact information.  

If you would like to add your contact information to the table below or the information set out in respect of your entity is out of date and you would like to update the information, please contact the ISDA legal team at ISDAlegal@isda.org.


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