ISDA Conference Benchmark Reform

Upcoming Conference on Benchmark Reform: Update on ISDA and Industry Initiatives

ISDA Symposium®
Benchmark Reform: Update on ISDA and Industry Initiatives
Wednesday, June 25, 2019
New York


In parallel with the global efforts of benchmark reform,
ISDA has been leading work to enhance contractual robustness of derivatives and other financial instruments by implementing clear and certain fallbacks that would apply if a key benchmark is permanently discontinued. The importance of this work was amplified in July 2017 when the UK Financial Conduct Authority announced that it would not compel or persuade panel banks to submit to LIBOR after 2021, which called into question the future of LIBOR after that date. This symposium will cover market, economic, operational and legal issues related to these topics.

  • Introduction to Alternative Risk-Free Rates
  • Transition to Risk-Free Rates and Implementation of Fallbacks in Derivatives
  • Interactions Between Cash Products and Derivatives

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