MyLibrary is ISDA’s new state-of-the-art user platform for digital documentation. It offers our documents in electronic form with enhanced navigation and easy-to-use comparability tools to provide a richer experience when accessing ISDA content.

This new platform enables publication of revisions to documents in full each time an update is made, avoiding the need to publish supplements while providing mechanisms to easily identify changes. Furthermore, users can easily view prevailing versions of a document as of any date and different versions can be compared side-by-side, in whole or in part, with changes in blackline. Documents can be navigated via index links to content types (e.g., definitions, matrices, confirmation templates, etc.) while embedded links show users definitions of terms and other relevant details via pop-up boxes. Links to external resources provide instant access to other useful materials, including explanatory videos. Documents and topics can be bookmarked for future reference with everything optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing. Complex searches can be performed across all documents on the platform, and content can be printed and downloaded in multiple formats.

You can explore MyLibrary here.

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