Central & Eastern Europe (CEE)/South Eastern Europe (SEE)/Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (former Soviet Union): Particular emphasis is put on EU member states and candidate countries including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria,  the Baltic states and Croatia plus other states in the Balkans. Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine are ISDA’s priority jurisdictions in the CIS region. Jurisdictions around the southern and eastern regions of the Mediterranean are also covered by this committee.

Middle East: ISDA focuses on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, including Bahrain, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia plus Pakistan in the wider Middle Eastern region. All jurisdictions in the GCC region need further improvements of their respective legal framework for derivatives transactions generally. The issues in question regard a wide range of topics from the areas of insolvency, property and contract law.

Africa: ISDA legal opinions currently cover South Africa and Mauritius. ISDA is working on a number of other jurisdictions in sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria).

Committee structure

Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) Steering Committee – Chair: N.N.

This steering committee covers all of the high level issues faced for all three regions/committees outlined below.

                The committees below are specific to the relevant regions.

CEE/SEE/CIS Committee – Chair: Dominic Cooper (Citi).

Middle Eastern Committee – Chair: Karl Rogers (Standard Chartered).

Africa Committee – Chair: Brett Gallie (Standard Bank).

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Legal Opinions: For a full list of Legal Opinions & Legal Opinions under the ISDA IIFM Tahawwut Agreement (available to members only) – please click here

Informal Country Updates: As part of ISDA’s work on law reform matters in a number of jurisdictions of growing relevance to the market ISDA has published several Informal Country Updates, which can be found here.

These informal country updates are available to ISDA members, if you have any questions please contact Peter Werner: pwerner@isda.org.

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