ISDA Solutions InfoHub

ISDA offers a variety of digital solutions designed to help members organize and optimize various aspects of the derivatives process.



ISDA Legal Solutions

ISDA Create

ISDA Create is an online solution that allows financial institutions to extract key structured legal and commercial data while automating the creation, negotiation and execution of key derivatives documentation, including ISDA Master Agreements, variation margin credit support annexes, amendments to legacy contracts, regulatory initial margin documentation and account control agreements for certain custodians.

ISDA MyLibrary

ISDA MyLibrary is a state-of-the-art user platform that allows market participants to access ISDA documentation in electronic form with enhanced navigation and easy-to-use comparability tools.

ISDA Amend

ISDA Amend is an online tool from ISDA and S&P Global Market Intelligence that centralizes the sharing and matching of key regulatory and contract information with multiple counterparties, reducing the time and cost to complete documentation remediation exercises.

ISDA Opinions Analytics

ISDA has teamed up with aosphere to provide three online legal analysis tools for ISDA members: netalytics, CSAnalytics and diligence – ISDA e-contracts.

ISDA Notices Hub

The ISDA Notices Hub is an online platform designed to provide market participants with a faster, safer and more efficient method for delivering and receiving critical notices under ISDA and other Master Agreements.


ISDA Risk & Capital Solutions


The ISDA Standard Initial Margin Model (ISDA SIMM®) is an industry standard methodology for calculating regulatory initial margin for non-cleared derivatives.

ISDA Analytics™

ISDA Analyticsis a sophisticated benchmarking solution that enables banks to implement standardized approach regulatory capital models for market risk, counterparty credit risk and credit valuation adjustment risk consistently and accurately.



ISDA Data Solutions


The Common Domain Model (CDM) is a standardized, machine-readable and machine-executable model that represents financial products, trades in those products and the lifecycle events of those trades.

ISDA Digital Regulatory Reporting

ISDA’s Digital Regulatory Reporting solution uses the Common Domain Model to convert an industry-agreed interpretation of regulatory reporting rules into machine-readable code, making implementation more efficient and cost effective.


Financial products Markup Language (FpML) is an open-source standard for the electronic dealing and processing of derivatives transactions. It establishes a protocol for electronic communication and dealing in swaps, derivatives and structured products.


The ISDA Common Risk Interchange Format (CRIF™) is an industry standard for the exchange of risk data that was initially developed to support the ISDA Standard Initial Margin Model (ISDA SIMM®) and has evolved to enable benchmarking of standardized approach capital models for market risk, credit valuation adjustment (CVA) risk and counterparty credit risk.

ISDA Reference Data

ISDA Reference Data provides key business terms used in ISDA documentation as fully machine-readable electronic codes, values and lists to enable efficient straight-through processing.

Collateral Initiatives

The Common Domain Model is being applied to collateral management documentation, collateral representation and margin and settlement processes with the goal of decreasing operational, liquidity and counterparty risks.

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