ISDA is working with its members to develop and implement collateral management automated workflows and data standards that will reduce operational, liquidity and counterparty risks.

  • Automate workflows
  • Holistically manage collateral across products
  • Implement Common Domain Model (CDM) data standards and digitization use cases
  • Expand eligible collateral


CDM for Collateral Initiatives Use Cases

For more information, go to: CDM-Collateral Initiatives Fact Sheet.

CDM Collateral Start-up Guide

This resource is designed to learn more about the CDM for collateral management and how to implement it. This is targeted to the business user and structured as a set of short tutorials, giving you the opportunity to interact with the CDM and understand the features and tools available.


Currently Available

  • Document Digitization, including the ISDA Master Agreement and credit support annexes (CSAs) for initial margin and variation margin (legacy CSAs – in development):
    Expedite collateral management onboarding and interoperability and decrease operational risks.
  • Collateral Representation:
    Streamline eligible collateral schedule data onboarding and collateral settlement; improve business as usual data processing across collateralized products; and optimize collateral.
  • Margin Call, Collateral Positions and Balance Structure:
    Streamline margin call and collateral inventory data; improve liquidity management and collateral optimization; decrease settlement fails and Treasury Market Practice Group fees; and enable connectivity to digital regulatory reporting.


In Development

  • Cash Collateral Interest Calculation and Processing:
    Automate cash collateral calculation and payment process and decrease settlement fails.
  • Eligible Collateral Schedule Input:
    Reduce eligible collateral schedule (ECS) negotiation time and resources; streamline onboarding and interoperability; and develop a user-interface to enable construction of ECS in the CDM standard.
  • Standardized Trade Reconciliation Population
    Improve automated portfolio reconciliation and dispute resolution via interoperability of reconciliation data.


ISDA’s Collateral Working Groups

  • Margin and Collateral Processing Working Group
  • CDM-Collateral Working Group (including members of the International Securities Lending Association and the International Capital Market Association)
  • Custodian Collateral Working Group (for custodian firms only)

To participate in any of the working groups above, please visit

For additional information regarding ISDA’s collateral initiatives, please contact


ISDA Collateral Management Resources

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