The ISDA Industry Governance Committee (IIGC) is made up of senior business professionals from the ISDA Board and IIGC committees. Its role is to oversee all strategic issues and lead the dialogue with regulators and market participants on key regulatory implementation issues in the global derivatives markets. The IIGC will also consider issues such as extra-territoriality that affect many different parts of the regulatory landscape. The ISDA Public Policy team in each region will facilitate the dialogue with supervisors and regulators.

The IIGC structure has evolved to include ISDA Regulatory Implementation Committees (RICs). These Committees – Risk & Margin, Conduct Of Business, Organized Trade Execution and Data & Reporting — are charged with addressing specific issues within their domain as outlined in the image below. The existing ISDA Product Steering Committees are primarily asset class specific (Credit, Rates, Equity and Commodities). They are made up of senior business management at the asset class level and focus on providing product-specific perspective to the IIGC and the RICs.

IIGC Chair:  Charles Mulhern, Wellington Management Company


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