ISDA Enhances CDS Marketplace Website

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ISDA Enhances CDS Marketplace Website


NEW YORK, April 24, 2012 – The International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) today announced several key enhancements from Fitch Solutions to the ISDA CDS Marketplace℠ (, a website that brings together information, data and statistics on the credit default swaps (CDS) business.

ISDA CDS Marketplace℠ users are now able to access Fitch Solutions’ CDS pricing data, liquidity scores, indices, market commentaries and implied ratings. This means that site users now have access to relevant data from all the leading CDS data providers in one place.

“The inclusion of Fitch Solutions’ CDS pricing data, liquidity scores, indices and implied ratings on ISDA CDS Marketplace provides users with further new insights into the direction of credit risk and also helps increase transparency within the global credit derivatives market,” said Ian Rothery, Fitch Solutions’ Global head of Third-Party Distribution and Partnerships. “It also enables us to broaden market access to Fitch Solutions’ credit risk and research products and services.”

Fitch Solutions’ Consensus CDS Pricing Service provides daily pricing and spread changes for up to 3,000 single-name reference entities.  Its CDS liquidity scores are a measure for identifying and understanding liquidity risk in the CDS market while Fitch Solutions’ CDS Indices are a set of independent and data-driven corporate and sovereign indices that provide market participants with objective, transparent and unique data to more easily identify credit derivative trends and conduct market analysis over time. The CDS Implied Ratings, which use daily CDS market quotes to derive an implied rating, provide a market-driven perspective as a complement to fundamental credit ratings analysis.

Fitch Solutions’ Global CDS Liquidity Scores Commentary provides analysis of recent CDS market activity covering the five most-liquid CDS corporate names in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, as well as the five most-liquid global sovereigns.  Fitch’s Risk and Performance Monitor, a weekly commentary based on data from the CDS Implied Rating and CDS Pricing Service, is also available to ISDA users.


For Media Enquiries, Please Contact:

Lauren Dobbs, ISDA New York, +1 212 901 6019,
Rebecca O’Neill, ISDA London, +44 203 088 3586,
Donna Chan, ISDA Hong Kong, +852 2200 5906,
Peter Fitzpatrick, Fitch Solutions, London, +44 (0) 3530 1103,


About ISDA

Since 1985, ISDA has worked to make the global over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets safer and more efficient. Today, ISDA is one of the world’s largest global financial trade associations, with over 815 member institutions from 58 countries on six continents. These members include a broad range of OTC derivatives market participants: global, international and regional banks, asset managers, energy and commodities firms, government and supranational entities, insurers and diversified financial institutions, corporations, law firms, exchanges, clearinghouses and other service providers. Information about ISDA and its activities is available on the Association’s web site:


About Fitch Solutions                                        

Fitch Solutions, a division of the Fitch Group, focuses on the development of fixed-income products and services, bringing to market a wide range of data, analytical tools and related services. The division is also the distribution channel for Fitch Ratings content.  The Fitch Group also includes Fitch Ratings and is a majority-owned subsidiary of Fimalac, S.A. For additional information, please visit;; and


About ISDA CDS Marketplace℠

ISDA CDS Marketplace℠ ( was launched by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) in August 2009.  It consists of five main sections: About CDS, Daily Prices, Exposures & Activity, Market Overview and Research & Tools. The site provides information on and additional access to: daily prices and spread changes for a range of industry indices and single-name reference entities; weekly information on CDS exposures, CDS trading volumes and CDS trading activity; and a range of other information on the CDS market.  ISDA CDS Marketplace℠ was developed with the support of the DTCC Deriv/SERV LLC, a subsidiary of The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (“DTCC”), Fitch Solutions, Markit, Moody’s Analytics, and Standard & Poor’s Indices.


ISDA® is a registered trademark of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc.

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