This section of the ISDA website is a hub for links to key information and ISDA’s work regarding FX Derivatives – including documentation, market structure, public policy, research, market practices, guidance notes and educational materials.

ISDA’s FX Derivatives working groups:
ISDA conducts work on FX Derivatives issues though a variety of working groups; however, there are three specific working groups focused on this asset class:

To request to join an ISDA working group: (1) Create an account on the ISDA website; and (2) After you create an account, log in and go to the Committees section to view your ISDA Committee Dashboard. You can request to join and leave working groups and distribution lists.

Links to key FX Derivatives infrastructures/documentation:

News on current FX Derivatives initiatives:

  • FX Definitions Update Initiative – ISDA is conducting an initiative aimed at updating the 1998 FX Definitions. The drafting stage is expected to run from 2024 until late 2025 and the industry adoption phase is expected to run from late 2025 until November 2027. For more information please visit the ISDA FX Definitions Update InfoHub or join the ISDA FX Definitions Update Group.
  • FX Novations – ISDA is working with market participants to understand if there are ways to simplify the current FX trade novation process and to make this process more efficient. To learn more about this initiative please join the ISDA FX Novations Subgroup.
  • 2022 Barrier Event Supplement Implementation – ISDA is coordinating the implementation of the 2022 Barrier Event Supplement to paper confirmations, following the adoption of such supplement onto Swift’s messaging systems on November 19, 2023. To learn more on this topic please join the ISDA FX Operations Group.
  • 2022 Averaging Supplement Implementation – ISDA is coordinating the implementation of the 2022 Averaging Supplement to electronic confirmations, expected to be released onto Swift’s messaging systems in November 2024, and onto paper confirmations. To learn more on this topic please join the ISDA FX Operations Group.

If you have any questions or would like additional information in relation to these matters, please email:

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