Joint ISDA and GFMA publication highlights the pressing need for market participants to obtain a legal identity identifier (LEI) for existing and forthcoming regulatory mandates

Information links for the global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI):

Title Date Weblink
Database of global LEIs (GLEIF) Daily
LEI data quality managment program (GLEIF) 2016
LEI data quality reports (GLEIF) Monthly

The Global LEI System: A Global Infrastructure (webinar slides) 9-Jun-2016
Progress in Establishing the global LEI System (webinar slides) 3-Nov-2015

Establishment of the Global LEI Foundation (GLEIF) 30-Jun-2014

GLEIF Statutes 24-Aug-2014

GLEIF Statutes released 24 Aug 2014

Inaugural meeting of Global Legal Entity Identifier Fdn (GLEIF) 30-Jun-2014

Common Data Form for Pre-LOUs to Use for Sharing or Publication of Data (Parts 1 and 2) 24-Feb-2014 (1)

19-Jun-2014 (2)

Global LEI construct (Annex 2) 24-Oct-2012

A Global Legal Entity Identifier for Financial Markets 8-Jun-2012

Global LEI System (GLEIS) framework Rolling

Global LEI Foundation (GLEIF)

Financial Stability Board(FSB)
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Regulatory Oversight Committee(ROC)


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