[Last Updated on July 8th, 2024]

Any party which offers commercial services based on the ISDA Standard Initial Margin Model (ISDA SIMMTM) (e.g. SIMM calculation, IM optimization, backtesting, etc.) is required to enter into a licensing agreement with ISDA.  Please contact isdalegal@isda.org for more information on licensing the ISDA SIMM.

The following vendors are licensed to offer services based on the ISDA SIMMTM:

Acadiasoft, Inc.*


Adenza (Calypso Technology)*

Adroit Trading Technologies, LLC

Arcesium LLC

Ares International Corp.

BlackRock Financial Management, Inc.

Bloomberg Finance L.P.*

Capitolis, Inc.

Cassini Systems Limited*

Cecabank, S.A.*

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

Clarus Financial Technology Ltd.

Coremont LLP

CRZ Pricing SAS

Cumulus9 Limited*


Ferential Systems, Inc.

Finalyse Group SA

Finastra Global Limited*

FinMechanics Pte. Ltd.*

FIS Systems International LLC*

Goldman Sachs

HazelTree Fund Services, Inc.

ICE Data Services*

IHS Markit / S&P Global*

Initial Margin Limited

Jean Edwards Consulting*

KIS Pricing, Inc.

Korea Asset Pricing Co.*

MIT (ITS Corporation)*

Murex S.A.S.*

Newsoft Srl


Numerix LLC

OMNI Risks Management*

OpenGamma Ltd.*

OpenLink Financial LLC / Ion Group

Quantile Technologies Limited*

Quaternion Risk Management Ltd.

Qvious, Inc.

RiskX Corp.


Shanghai Clearing House*

SS&C Technologies, Inc.

State Street Bank and Trust Company

SwapsHub Company Inc.

Taliesin LLC

TriOptima AB*

Vector Risk


xQuant Technology Company, Ltd.*

For additional information on the SIMM related services offered by the above parties and their contact information, please see the document attached below.

*These vendors have certified to ISDA that their SIMM calculator has passed the Unit Tests issued by ISDA for SIMM 2.6.

Documents (1) for ISDA SIMM Licensed Vendors