ISDA Responds to the IASB’s ED/2017/3 Prepayment Features


ISDA has responded to the International Accounting Standards Board’s (IASB) proposal to amend IFRS 9 Financial Instruments to enable companies to measure certain prepayable financial assets with so-called negative compensation options. ISDA’s members are of the view that it is important this issue is dealt with urgently, given the IFRS 9 application date is in January 2018. In view of this timetable, our members believe it is important for the IASB to limit any amendments made to IFRS 9 and, more specifically, to matters necessary to address the issue that was submitted to the IFRS Interpretations Committee. They do not think it is appropriate for the IASB to add more interpretative guidance by means of additional basis of conclusions paragraphs into the literature, which could have unintended consequences for other financial instruments.

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