What is ISDA Create – IM?

What is ISDA Create – IM?

ISDA Create is an online solution that will, among other things, allow firms to produce, deliver, negotiate and execute documents and capture, process and store data from such documents completely within the solution, thereby providing users with a complete digital record of such documents/data.

ISDA Create –IM is ISDA’s first offering under ISDA Create and is being jointly developed by ISDA and Linklaters. The platform will allow firms to automate the creation and delivery of initial margin (IM) documentation, and negotiate and execute IM documentation with multiple counterparties simultaneously. This is all conducted online, while providing flexibility to take one or more of these steps offline if required.

The system allows standard elections to be made, but also allows firms to customize on a party-by-party basis. There are no restrictions on what parties may agree on a bilateral basis on the platform.

ISDA Create – IM automatically reconciles both standard elections and bespoke provisions exchanged, and flags the differences in an efficient and easy-to-read way.

Open the PDF below to read a more detailed explanation of ISDA Create – IM.

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