Scott O’Malia

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Kennedy

Global Head of Public Policy

Katherine Tew Darras

General Counsel

Mark Gheerbrant

Global Head of Risk and Capital

Tara Kruse

Global Head of Infrastructure & Data

Clive Ansell

Head of Market Infrastructure and Technology

Ann Battle

AGC, Head of Benchmark Reform

Amy Caruso

Head of Collateral Initiatives

Roger Cogan

Head, European Public Policy

Huzefa Deesawala

Chief Financial Officer

Panayiotis Dionysopoulos

Head of Capital

Karel Engelen

Senior Director and Co-head of Data, Reporting and FpML

Benoit Gourisse

Senior Director, European Public Policy

Jing Gu

Senior Counsel

Marisa Irurre Bauer

Head of Conferences

Ulrich Karl

Head of Clearing Services

Olivier Miart

Head of Analytics

Dillon Miller

Chief Technology Officer

Tomoko Morita

Senior Director and Head of Tokyo Office

Mark New

Senior Counsel, Americas

Olga Roman

Head of Research

Bella Rozenberg

Senior Counsel & Head of Regulatory and Legal Practice Group

Rick Sandilands

Senior Counsel, Europe

Nick Sawyer

Global Head of Communications

Colleen Tabala

Global Head of Human Resources

Peter Werner

Senior Counsel

Chris Young

Head of US Public Policy

Liz Zazzera

Head of Membership