Enhanced FpML Coding Scheme Catalog Version 2-1

ISDA introduces the new enhanced coding-scheme catalog version 2-x. Compared to the previous version 1-x, the key coding-schemes (listed below), that are used to support 2021 ISDA Definitions, include metadata fields which provides additional information about each code in the scheme. ISDA plans to expand the metadata feature to some other coding schemes in the catalog. ​

The catalog includes the following key coding schemes with metadata framework:​

  • The floating-rate-index v.3-1 includes:
    • The new FROs from the 2021 ISDA FRO Matrix. All new FRO names are using new naming convention.​
    • It enhanced with a comprehensive set of new reference data (~40 fields) for all new 2021 ISDA Floating Rate Options, based on the 2021 ISDA FRO Matrix, providing information about topics such as: ​
      • Which Definition version is supported, ​
      • Mappings between comparable 2006 and 2021 FRO names, ​
      • Various calculation fields. Calculation parameters including categorization of the rate, existence and method of any embedded calculations, fixing time parameters, fixing offset parameters, etc. ​
      • [See full description of the enhanced FRO metadata fields – ​HERE​
  • business-center v. 8-1 includes:
    • The unique 4-character string/code of the real geographical business calendar location or FpML format of the rate publication calendar. While the 4 character codes of the business calendar location are implicitly locatable and used for identifying a bad business day for the purpose of payment and rate calculation day adjustments, the rate publication calendar codes are used in the context of the fixing day offsets. It indicates whether the Business center is defined in 2021 ISDA Definitions. In addition to the code, provides metadata in a form of ISDA legal language and in in ISDA legal spelling: City Name and Country Name.​
  • benchmark-rate-1-0 includes:
    • The unique string/code identifying the benchmark rate. The codes from this scheme are used in the elements Cash Settlement provision – agreedDiscountRate and cashCollateralInterestRate, e.g. on Swaptions to differentiate the agreed discount rate between SOFR and Fed Funds. The codes are based on the 2021 ISDA Definitions, Section 10.3 Overnight Rate Benchmarks. It precise legal code description.​
  • currency-defaults v. 1-0 includes:
    •  ​The unique ISO 3-character currency code identifying the currency, e.g. USD, based on the 2021 ISDA Currency Matrix. This is only present as a value-added coding scheme. ​In addition to the currency code, it includes the following metadata for each currency: full name (e.g. United Arab Emirates Dirham), synonym (e.g. Emirati Dirham); definition (e.g. the lawful currency of the United Arab Emirates; businessCenter: Abu Dhabi; additional provisions (e.g. Section 2.1.9 (Abu Dhabi Days) applies. ​
  • ​rate-administrator v.1-0 includes:
    • The information about the administrator for the rate or benchmark. This is only present as a value-added coding scheme​. The Administrator name is based on the 2021 ISDA FRO Matrix, column Administrator. The scheme also includes the link to the administrators’ websites. This coding scheme is linked with the floating-rate-index-3-0 coding scheme’s  metadata – “Administrator”. This is invaluable, especially, in light of the 2021 FRO names were stripped of the “publication source”, because this scheme links the FRO name with the Administrator’s information, in case of dispute, ultimately it is the administrator of the rate that resolves any dispute about the correct value to use, so the publication source is not necessary.​

​The catalog continent includes all other FpML coding-schemes as well, so that all coding schemes can be downloaded in one place.​

​The catalog is available for download (ZIP file) from the “Resources” section (located on the left side menu of this page). The ZIP file will be updated on a regular basis.​

​Details of the changes in the catalog can be found in the ​Technical Notifications Archive​

This is an introductory offer for the first year, renewed on an annual subscription basis.

​ISDA expects that the data will be updated frequently (e.g. weekly / monthly) where appropriate, especially during the early stages of the 2021 Definitions Implementation.

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