Foreign Exchange Disclosure Annex (Last Reviewed: October 2021)

Since 2013, ISDA has published a General Disclosure Statement for Transactions (“General Disclosure”) and Annexes for the interest rate, foreign exchange, equity, credit, commodities and asset-backed securities asset classes (the “ISDA DF Disclosures”).  The ISDA DF Disclosures are intended to assist with the implementation of the disclosure requirements under the business conduct rules enacted under Dodd-Frank.

As part of ISDA’s Dodd-Frank Documentation initiative, ISDA will continue to update the ISDA DF Disclosures to provide additional or updated disclosure related to product areas and/or product features where there are changes in the underlying market and member demand warrants. The date listed in the title is the date of the most recent update or review period.  Disclosures are reviewed at least every two years.

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