2014 ISDA Standard Credit Support Annex (Security Interest – New York Law)

The 2014 ISDA Standard Credit Support Annex allows parties to establish bilateral mark-to-market security arrangements that create a homogeneous valuation framework, reducing current barriers to novation and valuation disputes. This document retains and accepts intraday settlement risk by allowing multi currency settlement in lieu of net settlement in a single Transport Currency under the 2013 SCSA® published by ISDA in June 2013. This alternative to the 1994 ISDA Credit Support Annex seeks to standardize market practice regarding embedded optionality in current Credit Support Annexes, promote the adoption of overnight index swap discounting for derivatives, and align the mechanics and economics of collateralization between the bilateral and cleared OTC derivative markets. This document serves as an Annex to the Schedule to the ISDA Master Agreement and is designed for use in transactions subject to New York law.

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