ISDA Global Physical Coal Annex

(published April 18, 2007)

(“ISDA Coal Annex”) for the purchase or sale of physical coal (sourced at origins in the US or outside the US) on a spot or forward basis, or for trading in options to purchase or sell physical coal.

Important Note for “International Coal”: For coal sourced at origins outside the United States (“International Coal”), the Standard Coal Trading Agreement published by globalCOAL® (“SCoTA®”) is incorporated by reference into Appendex 2 of the ISDA Coal Annex. globalCOAL Limited is the sole proprietor of any and all the intellectual property rights in, to, arising from and associated with each and all versions of the SCoTA. Express consent is required from globalCOAL Limited in order to make use of SCoTA in any manner, including the SCoTA terms incorporated by reference through Appendix 2 to the ISDA Coal Annex. Accordingly, if a party wishes to enter into transactions governed by Appendix 2 of the ISDA Coal Annex, before doing so it must accept and therefore enter into the globalCOAL Limited licensing scheme, which is available at

(This form, published on March 18, 2007 is superseded by the October 30, 2009 publication.)

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