The ISDA North American Gas Annex

The North American Gas Annex (the Annex) and Canadian Addendum are designed to document trades in the U.S. and Canadian physical gas markets. The Annex permits market participants to document trades in a manner consistent with the approach taken by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB), a widely used industry standard for physical gas purchases and sales in the North American markets. The Annex provides terms that apply to transactions involving the purchase or sale of physical gas or options on physical gas. It permits users to bring such trades under their ISDA Master Agreement architecture and to elect to incorporate existing credit support arrangements. Users may also elect the product-specific physical delivery terms, which follow those provisions in the NAESB documentation.

(Parties may also refer to Sub-Annex E of the 2005 ISDA Commodity Definitions)

The 2009 Amendment Addendum constitutes an Addendum to the ISDA North American Gas Annex, supplements and amends the ISDA North American Gas Annex for the use with the 2006 version of the NAESB contract.

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