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Documents (1) for 30 day COMMENT PERIOD – Proposed Credit ISDA Taxonomy Value for S&P/ISDA US 150 Swap Indices (adopted 19 Sept 2014)

Documents (1) for Unique Trade Identifier (UTI): Generation, Communication and Matching (updated as of 15 August, 2014)

Documents (1) for ISDA comment Letter to AMF (Quebec) re: Draft Regulation to amend Regulation 91-507

Documents (2) for ISDA response to the ESMA Discussion Paper and Consultation Paper on MiFID II/MiFIR


Comment Letters, responses to Consultation Papers, responses to Requests for Comment.

Documents (0) for Responses


Requests for Relief, interpretive guidance, rule clarifications, or recognition of reporting issues.

Documents (0) for Requests


Overviews, principles, surveys and other related documents regarding OTC reporting rules in multiple global jurisdictions.

Documents (0) for Reporting

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