ISDA response to FASB on Derivatives and Hedging

On January 14, ISDA responded to the Financial Accounting Standard Board’s (FASB) Consultation on the… Read more ISDA response to FASB on Derivatives and Hedging

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Documents (1) for Comment letter regarding FASB Exposure Draft of “Proposed Statement of Financial Accounting Standards, Accounting for Hedging Activities, an amendment of…

Documents (1) for Joint Trade Association letter (BBA, LIBA, ISDA, CMSA-Europe, IACPM, EBF, SIFMA and the ESF) with regard to the European Commission Service’s alternative proposal to amend the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) to address incentives in the “originate-to-distribute” (OTD) model. Submitted to Commissioner McCreevy (European Commission), cc-ing Member States, EU Commissioners, and Commission Services

Documents (1) for Proposed FASB Staff Position FAS 157-c, “Measuring Liabilities under FASB Statement No. 157”; to Russell Golden, FASB

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