ISDA Amend is an online tool from ISDA and S&P Global Market Intelligence that centralizes the sharing and matching of key regulatory and contract information with multiple counterparties, reducing the time and cost to complete documentation remediation exercises.


Key Benefits

Automating the process of delivering regulatory representations and contractual amendments to a firm’s counterparties and then matching that information significantly reduces the time it takes to establish new trading relationships, change the terms of existing relationships or comply with regulatory requirements.

By connecting a firm to multiple counterparties at the click of a mouse, the simple-to-use online platform uses benefits of scale to create significant efficiencies in document management processes, helping to reduce costs.



ISDA Amend is available through S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Counterparty Manager service. Click here for more information or contact the ISDA team at


About ISDA Amend

ISDA Amend – part of S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Counterparty Manager platform – allows firms to easily share critical information with multiple counterparties, enabling them to get on with the business of trading. This includes ISDA protocol adherence information and various regulatory representations and classifications.

More than 130,000 legal entities use ISDA Amend, meaning firms will typically be able to reach a large proportion of their counterparties at the click of a button.



  • Simple-to-use online platform that enables users to upload, update and disseminate information to multiple parties simultaneously, creating efficiencies and reducing costs.
  • Combined with ISDA protocols, facilitates the fast and efficient exchange of key terms to amend thousands of bilateral agreements, reducing the time it takes to modify current agreements and bring new trading relationships into regulatory compliance.
  • Access a large network of banks, brokers and buy-side institutions.



ISDA Amend 1.0 functionality covers:

  • August 2012 Dodd-Frank Protocol
  • March 2013 Dodd-Frank Protocol
  • Cross Border Representation Letter
  • Canadian Representation Letter
  • EMIR Counterparty Classification Tool
  • EMIR Clearing Categorization
  • EMIR Trade Reporting Information
  • Ownership & Control Reporting (OCR)
  • CFTC Initial Margin Segregation
  • Australia (ASIC) Single-Sided Reporting
  • Australia (ASIC) Clearing Rules


ISDA Amend 2.0 expanded functionality covers:

  • Regulatory Margin Self-Disclosure Letter (US, Canada, EU, UK, Switzerland, South Africa, Japan, HK, Singapore, Korea, India, Australia)
  • Variation Margin Protocol (New York, English, Japanese Law)
  • Jurisdictional Modular Protocol (multi-jurisdictional)
  • Hong Kong Clearing Classification
  • Canadian Clearing Classification
  • ISDA Benchmarks Supplement Protocol
  • ISDA Amend US Stay Protocol (QFC)
  • Simplified IM Self Disclosure Letter 2019
  • ISDA IBOR Fallbacks Protocol


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