ISDA Future Leaders in Derivatives


“The derivatives market faces some exciting opportunities in the years ahead and it is more important than ever that we identify and nurture potential leaders across a diverse range of functions, business lines and geographies. The ISDA Future Leaders in Derivatives program will give participants the opportunity to develop their careers and professional networks, providing a platform to take on future leadership positions. This program will be critical to ensure the market continues to flourish for years to come.”

Scott O’Malia, ISDA CEO 



The ISDA Future Leaders in Derivatives (IFLD) program aims to make a positive impact on the future of the derivatives industry by identifying a diverse group of emerging leaders across the industry.



The program has four core objectives:

  • To create an active forum for networking and discussion of industry topics and future industry trends;
  • To increase the demographic, cultural and professional diversity of senior leaders within the financial services sector;
  • To support emerging leaders in developing soft skills and technical expertise; and
  • To develop and produce content on issues of strategic importance to ISDA and its members.



Program participants have focused on topics that are of strategic importance to ISDA.

Our current cohort for 2023/2024 was focused on AI and have now published a whitepaper on ‘Generative Artificial Intelligence in the Derivatives Market: A Future Perspective’.

The topic and call for nominations for 2024/2025 has yet to be announced, and will be communicated to ISDA members in due course, via the primary contact for each member firm, and ISDA’s social media platforms.

Our previous cohort for 2022/2023 was focused on energy security in relation to the global derivatives market, while the 2021/2022 program participants focused on technology and ESG.





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