ISDA publishes draft of ISDA SIMM™ documents

ISDA publishes documents related to ISDA’s proprietary Standard Initial Margin Model for non-cleared derivatives (ISDA SIMM™).

Under the revised licensing program, any market participant will be able to license the ISDA SIMM™ to calculate initial margin for its own or its clients’ non-cleared derivatives transactions. Third-party vendors will also be able to license the ISDA SIMM™ for proprietary services or products. As part of the revised terms, an annual licensing fee will apply to all those who use the ISDA SIMM™. The licensing fees collected will cover annual maintenance and recalibration costs associated with the ISDA SIMM™ to ensure it continues to meet current and future regulatory standards. The licensing fee will be reviewed annually.

Please direct any questions regarding the ISDA SIMM™ licensing program to

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