ISDA Common Domain Model (ISDA CDM)…..Why now?

“The current derivatives infrastructure is hugely inefficient and costly, and there’s virtually no way to implement scalable automated solutions because each firm and platform uses its own unique set of representations for events and processes.

The ISDA CDM will change all of that. By creating a standard representation for events and products,we will enable firms to develop automated solutions that can be interoperable and scalable in a way that has never been done before.

There are always reasons to do nothing and maintain the status quo, but the challenges we face today will not get any easier, and we will never be able to fully harness the potential of new technologies across the industry.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to restructure the foundations of the market, and we need to grasp this opportunity.”

Scott O’Malia, ISDA CEO.


What is the ISDA CDM?



The video above explains the potential benefits of ISDA CDM

This video can also be retrieved with the following link


The video above (with audio) is a tour of the ISDA CDM features

This video can also be retrieved with the following url: the following link

*This video does not represent any form of endorsement by ISDA of any software products.

The video above (with audio) demonstrates how CDM was deployed in the UK FCA and Bank of England’s Digital Regulatory Reporting Pilot.

In the video the CDM is used as a logical model to express reporting rules for EMIR and MiFIR. Providing machine readable rules in an open standard like CDM that could be freely used by all market participants will drive consistent implementation of regulations across the market and drastically improve adherence to regulatory objectives.
This video can also be retrieved with the following url: the following link
*This video does not represent any form of endorsement by ISDA of any software products

Access the ISDA CDM Portal here

(All you need is a name and email address)

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