ISDA and aosphere Launch E-contracts Service

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) and aosphere Limited have launched a new service that will enable users to quickly and efficiently assess issues relating to the enforceability of electronically executed and confirmed contracts across the globe.

The tool, called diligence – ISDA e-contracts, covers ISDA’s e-contract opinions and allows ISDA members to rapidly view factors relating to the use of electronic contracts, e-signatures and click-through agreements in an intuitive color-coded web format, including enforceability and admissibility of electronic records in court proceedings. The tool is hosted on the aosphere platform, which also hosts other services that analyze ISDA opinions including netalytics and CSAnalytics.

The launch of the service reflects the increasing number of derivatives, securities financing and repo transactions that are being executed and confirmed electronically. The coronavirus pandemic has further heightened interest in e-contracts, with the closure of offices and the introduction of remote working highlighting challenges and inefficiencies associated with the physical delivery of signed paper documents and notices.

In response, ISDA has expanded the scope and jurisdictional coverage of its e-contract opinions. Thirty seven jurisdictions are currently covered, with a further 10 commissioned this year.

For more information on ISDA’s e-contract opinions, visit the ISDA website.

For more information on diligence – ISDA e-contracts or to request a trial or demo, visit the aosphere website.

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