ISDA, Linklaters & S&P Announce Intention to Enable Data Sharing Between ISDA Create and Counterparty Manager

ISDA, Linklaters and S&P Global Market Intelligence have announced their intention to make the ISDA Create contract negotiation platform available within S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Counterparty Manager service, giving firms the ability to easily access full details of their contractual relationships in digital form from a single location.

Counterparty Manager allows users to exchange information when opening a trading relationship and includes ISDA Amend, an online tool that enables market participants to modify multiple ISDA Master Agreements and share regulatory representations with counterparties. As part of the initiative, users of either platform will be able to view a complete digital record of all relationship and contractual data exchanged and/or created on either platform.

Users of Counterparty Manager will also be able to access the full online negotiation and execution functionality of ISDA Create by adding an annex to their existing S&P Global Market Intelligence Counterparty Manager user agreement.

“The linking of ISDA Create and Counterparty Manager is a logical extension of the ISDA Amend collaboration that started 10 years ago. This initiative will allow firms to gain a comprehensive, umbrella view of any contractual relationship in digital form, which can then feed directly into collateral, risk and other systems. This will help facilitate further automation and efficiency in derivatives markets, while reducing risk and the potential for error,” said Katherine Tew Darras, ISDA’s General Counsel.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with ISDA and IHS Markit/S&P Global Market Intelligence to create game-changing technology solutions for our industry, starting with ISDA Amend 10 years ago. This initiative will create an integrated, end-to-end solution for operationalizing institutional data, from client onboarding through to trading agreements. It is a natural next step on the path that ISDA has put the derivatives industry on, a testament to its forward-thinking vision of a digital future for financial markets,” said Doug Donahue, CreateiQ board member and Capital Markets Partner at Linklaters.

“Customers rely on S&P Global Market Intelligence to manage their client onboarding and lifecycle management processes for both simple and complex contract negotiations and amendments. The aim of the planned inclusion of ISDA Create’s functionality in Counterparty Manager’s Onboarding Accelerator and Request for Amendment modules is to help enable information sharing between counterparties via a single point of entry,” said Lansing Gatrell, Managing Director, Counterparty Manager & Regulatory Solutions, S&P Global Market Intelligence.

ISDA Create is an online solution to help financial institutions draft, negotiate and execute derivatives documents online, including the ISDA Master Agreement, ISDA variation margin documentation and account control agreements for certain custodians. It is powered by Linklaters’ proprietary technology platform, CreateiQ. Additional information relating to ISDA Create, including fact sheets, webinars/videos and presentations, is available on the ISDA Create InfoHub. To schedule a demo of the ISDA Create platform, please contact

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