ISDA has teamed up with aosphere to provide three online legal analysis tools for ISDA members: netalytics, CSAnalytics and diligence – ISDA e-contracts.

netalytics provides key information on ISDA netting opinions spanning more than 80 jurisdictions across the globe.

CSAnalytics provides information on the exchange of collateral with a counterparty based on analysis in ISDA’s collateral opinions.

diligence – ISDA e-contracts helps users quickly assess whether electronically executed contracts are enforceable in multiple jurisdictions based on analysis in ISDA’s e-contract opinions.


Key Benefits

Having legal certainty on the enforceability of close-out netting, credit support documentation and/or electronically executed agreements can be a pre-requisite for firms to trade with counterparties in a particular jurisdiction. ISDA’s netting, collateral and e-contract opinions provide that certainty, but it can take time  to find key information, potentially slowing the approval to trade with a new counterparty.

The netalytics, CSAnalytics and diligence – ISDA e-contracts online platforms extract core information from the relevant ISDA opinions and present it in an easy-to-read, standard format.



Visit the aosphere website to set up a free trial for each product. Alternatively, contact the ISDA legal team at


About aosphere

The joint venture between ISDA and aosphere covers three online legal analysis tools for derivatives.

netalytics: Close-out netting is an important means of reducing credit risk between two counterparties. To provide confidence on the enforceability of close-out netting, ISDA has commissioned netting opinions for over 80 jurisdictions. Each opinion can be lengthy and have numerous associated supplements and updates, creating a vast library of often complex netting information. The netalytics platform analyzes ISDA’s netting opinions, extracts core information and presents it in a simple online format.

CSAnalytics: The exchange of collateral further mitigates credit risk, but firms need confidence that they can use the collateral in the event of a default without legal impediment. CSAnalytics analyzes ISDA collateral opinions for more than 60 jurisdictions and provides firms with a simple overview, reducing the time and costs associated with this analysis.

diligence – ISDA e-contracts: The COVID-19 pandemic increased the focus on electronic contracts as organizations looked for ways to deal with the inability to physically deliver or sign documentation. diligence – ISDA e-contracts analyzes ISDA’s e-contract opinions and allows users to easily assess whether electronically executed contracts are enforceable in multiple jurisdictions and view factors relating to the use of electronic contracts, e-signatures and click-through agreements.

All three services are available to ISDA members on a subscription basis.



  • netalytics
    • Covers 80+ jurisdictions
    • Color-coded question-and-answer format
    • Answers 14 key netting questions, plus specific clearing opinions
    • Provides suggested amendments to standard documents
    • Additional analysis of ISDA’s international financial institutions opinions available
    • Data+ for digitized opinion analysis
    • Compare, version control and email alerting service
  • CSAnalytics
    • Covers every ISDA collateral opinion (60+ jurisdictions)
    • Coverage of initial margin/variation margin collateral provider and taker insolvency analysis
    • Considers in detail all three legal approaches to taking collateral
    • Color-coded question-and-answer format
    • Unique fact patterns to help with practical application
    • Compare and version control, plus email alerting service
  • diligence – ISDA e-contracts
    • Online color-coded summaries
    • Compare answers across jurisdictions
    • Version control


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