Digitizing Legal Documentation and Smart Contracts

Thursday, September 23 to Thursday, October 21, 2021

This event will explain steps taken by ISDA to standardize industry-standard documentation and to create digital representations of legal agreement data for operational implementation. Speakers will also discuss how these initiatives create the foundation for development and implementation of DLT, smart contracts and similar technology in the derivatives market.

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This is an ISDA Virtual Conference:

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

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9:00 AM Introduction and Welcoming Remarks Ciarán McGonagle

Ciarán McGonagle, Assistant General Counsel, ISDA

9:05 AM Standardization: Standardized Documentation as a Foundation for Innovation Megan O’Flynn, Akber Datoo, Douglas J. Donahue, Beatrix Pole, David Shone

Firms negotiate and customize legal documentation to address specific legal and operational risks. However, excessive customization can increase complexity and create significant legacy issues for firms, particularly when responding to regulatory implementation or market events. Overcoming these challenges and creating the foundation for greater innovation requires greater standardization. This panel will discuss standardization efforts underway within the industry and how they will promote greater digitization and automation.

Moderator: Megan O’Flynn, Assistant General Counsel, ISDA
Akber Datoo, Founder & CEO, D2 Legal Technology (D2LT)
Douglas J. Donahue, Partner, Linklaters LLP
Beatrix Pole, Managing Legal Counsel, Director, NatWest Markets
David Shone, Director, Market Infrastructure and Technology, ISLA

9:50 AM Break

10:00 AM Digitization: Digitizing Documentation for Implementation Ian Sloyan, Richard Barton, Nigel Cobb, Paul Kelly, Mark New

Using digital models, such as ISDA CDM, to express the structure and operational aspects of documentation, will allow better connectivity between legal contract references and the systems which maintain the performance of those contracts, as well as providing libraries of components which can be used to build smart contracts. This presentation will provide an introduction on how ISDA is doing this today.

Moderator: Ian Sloyan, Director, Market Infrastructure and Technology, ISDA
Richard Barton, Head of Product Management, AcadiaSoft Inc.
Nigel Cobb, Senior Data Modeller, REGnosys
Paul Kelly, Director, Logical Construct
Mark New, Senior Counsel, Americas, ISDA

10:50 AM Break

11:00 AM Automation: Opportunities for Smart Derivatives Contracts Ciarán McGonagle, Caroline Dawson, Sarah Green, Richard Hay, Harry Jho, Peter Kohl-Landgraf

Market participants are developing and implementing technology solutions aimed at increasing automation within derivatives markets. There are opportunities to build on this further by harnessing new technologies, such as smart contracts and DLT. This panel will explore some of these opportunities, focusing on specific derivatives products and processes.

Moderator: Ciarán McGonagle, Assistant General Counsel, ISDA
Caroline Dawson, Partner, Clifford Chance LLP
Sarah Green, Law Commissioner for Commercial and Common Law, Law Commission
Richard Hay, UK Head of Fintech, Linklaters LLP
Harry Jho, Partner, Harry Jho LLC
Peter Kohl-Landgraf, Senior Business Analyst , DZ Bank AG

11:45 AM Conference Concludes

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Richard Barton

Head of Product Management

AcadiaSoft Inc.


Nigel Cobb

Senior Data Modeller



Akber Datoo

Founder & CEO

D2 Legal Technology (D2LT)


Caroline Dawson


Clifford Chance LLP


Douglas J. Donahue


Linklaters LLP


Sarah Green

Law Commissioner for Commercial and Common Law

Law Commission


Richard Hay

UK Head of Fintech

Linklaters LLP


Harry Jho


Harry Jho LLC

Paul Kelly


Logical Construct


Peter Kohl-Landgraf

Senior Business Analyst

DZ Bank AG


Ciarán McGonagle

Assistant General Counsel



Mark New

Senior Counsel, Americas



Megan O’Flynn

Assistant General Counsel



Beatrix Pole

Managing Legal Counsel, Director

NatWest Markets


David Shone

Director, Market Infrastructure and Technology



Ian Sloyan

Director, Market Infrastructure and Technology



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The course level is intermediate. Some knowledge of derivatives documentation is assumed. No advance preparation is required.

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