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Tuesday, November 15, 2022
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The Japan Derivatives Forum will explore latest developments in global and Japanese derivatives markets, including the impact of new capital rules and opportunities presented by crypto derivatives and ESG linked investments, digitization of derivatives markets and the growth of sustainable investments.



参加申込みは11月13日(月)9:00am 締め切り | Registration for this event will close 24 hours before the event.  

日本語と英語の同時通訳が入ります。| Remarks of all speakers will be simultaneously transmitted in Japanese and English.


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  • お申込みはコンファレンス開始24時間前までです。当日の参加は受け付けておりません。Registration must be received 24 hours prior to the event. Attendance is by pre-registration only, NO walk-ins will be accepted.
  • 全ての参加者はお申込みに際して、COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgement formにご承諾いただく必要があります。詳細 はこちら からご覧いただけます。 All in-person attendees will be required to agree to a COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgement form at the time of registration. You can preview the form here.
  • お申込みいただくことで、参加申し込みページ内のイベントポリシーに記載されている ISDA ガイドラインをご承諾いただいたものとみなします。イベントポリシーは各地域のガイダンスおよび指示によって変更される場合があります。By registering you must agree to adhere to ISDA guidelines for attendance outlined in the policies on the registration form, subject to change in accordance with local government guidance and mandates.



Contact: Rob Saunders
email: RSaunders@isda.org | telephone: +44 (0) 20 3808 9727



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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Print Agenda Japan Derivatives Forum for

9:00 AM Registration & Coffee | 受付開始

9:30 AM Opening Remarks | 開会の挨拶 Scott O’Malia

Scott O’Malia, Chief Executive Officer, ISDA

9:35 AM Keynote Address | 基調講演

9:55 AM A Level Playing Field for Capital | 自己資本のレベル・プレイング・フィールド Mark Gheerbrant, Eduardo Epperlein, Shiro Katsufuji, Gaël Robert

National regulators are working to implement the final Basel III standards into national rules. To what extent are the rules aligned across jurisdictions and what impact will that have on bank trading businesses? How are regulators approaching capital treatment for crypto assets and environmental, social and governance (ESG)-linked investments?

各国の規制当局は、最終化されたバーゼルIIIを各国の規則に導入する作業を進めています。法域間で国内規制がどの程度整合的に調整され、それが金融機関のトレーディング業務にどのような影響を及ぼすのでしょうか。規制当局は、仮想通貨資産と環境、社会、ガバナンス(ESG) に関連する投資に対する資本規制について、どのように取り組んでいるのでしょうか。

Moderator: Mark Gheerbrant, Global Head of Risk and Capital, ISDA
Eduardo Epperlein, Managing Director, Global Head of Risk Methodology, Nomura
Shiro Katsufuji, Managing Director, Center for Risk Management Strategy, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC
Gaël Robert, Head of Risk Analytics, Risk Management Department, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

Additional Speakers to be Announced.

10:45 AM Break | 休憩

11:05 AM Digitization of Derivatives Markets | デリバティブ市場のデジタル化 Tomoko Morita, Motoyasu Fujita, Sohei Ogino

Derivatives markets are increasingly shifting to a more digitized infrastructure, with initiatives underway to digitize legal documentation and to implement digital regulatory reporting. What progress has been made, and what are the next steps?


Moderator: Tomoko Morita, Senior Director and Head of Tokyo Office, ISDA
Motoyasu Fujita, Partner, Capital Markets Group (Structured Finance & Derivatives), Linklaters
Sohei Ogino, Senior Manager, Assurance Innovation & Technology, PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC

Additional Speakers to be Announced.

11:50 AM Keynote Address | 基調講演

12:10 PM Impact of ESG on Derivatives | ESGがデリバティブに与える影響 Steven Kennedy, Tomohiro (Tomo) Ishikawa, Hiroshi Minegishi, Atsuya Watanabe

A variety of ESG products, indices and derivatives have emerged across the globe that link returns to sustainability performance and impact. How can these instruments support the transition to a more sustainable economy and what are investors and hedgers looking for? How might these products be used in Japan?


Moderator: Steven Kennedy, Global Head of Public Policy, ISDA
Tomohiro (Tomo) Ishikawa, Managing Director, Head of Government & Regulatory Affairs Office, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (MUFG)
Hiroshi Minegishi, Senior Corporate Officer, Global Markets, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
Atsuya Watanabe, Director, Markets and Securities Services, Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc.

Additional Speakers to be Announced.

1:00 PM Forum Concludes | フォーラム終了

Agenda is subject to change.

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Eduardo Epperlein

Managing Director, Global Head of Risk Methodology



Motoyasu Fujita

Partner, Capital Markets Group (Structured Finance & Derivatives)



Mark Gheerbrant

Global Head of Risk and Capital



Tomohiro (Tomo) Ishikawa

Managing Director, Head of Government & Regulatory Affairs Office

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (MUFG)

Shiro Katsufuji

Managing Director, Center for Risk Management Strategy

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

Steven Kennedy

Global Head of Public Policy



Hiroshi Minegishi

Senior Corporate Officer, Global Markets

Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

Tomoko Morita

Senior Director and Head of Tokyo Office



Sohei Ogino

Senior Manager, Assurance Innovation & Technology

PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC

Scott O’Malia

Chief Executive Officer



Gaël Robert

Head of Risk Analytics, Risk Management Department

Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

Atsuya Watanabe

Director, Markets and Securities Services

Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc.

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Member US$100.00

Non-Member US$150.00

Early Bird price until October 14th, 2022
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