ISDA U.S. Self-Disclosure Letter

The ISDA U.S. Self-Disclosure Letter, published on January 15, 2021, is intended to assist market participants with the exchange of the information necessary to determine whether compliance with CFTC and/or Prudential Regulator swap regulations and/or SEC security-based swap regulations is required as well as if, and when, their trading relationship will become subject to CFTC, Prudential Regulator or SEC regulatory margin requirements for uncleared swaps and/or security-based swaps (as applicable).

Portions of this letter supersede (1) the ISDA Regulatory Margin Self-Disclosure Letter (published on June 30, 2016) for purposes of determining applicability of U.S. regulatory margin requirements for uncleared swaps to trading relationships and (2) the ISDA Cross-Border Swaps Representation Letter (published Aug. 19, 2013)

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