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ISDA has joined forces with Imperial College Business School to deliver targeted executive education programs to the ISDA Community.

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Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital innovation is transforming the global business context exponentially. Keeping pace with change and ahead of potential disruption is contingent on building a deep understanding of the opportunities and risks. And forging a strategy robust enough to weather the uncertainty ahead.

Leadership in a Technology Driven World

The stakes for leaders have never been greater than they are today. In the current climate of digital disruption and constant change, it falls to your leadership to make the best decisions, to mobilise and empower teams and to forge a clear roadmap towards sustainable competitive advantage. Imperial’s Leadership in a Technology Driven World programme equips you with the skills, the clarity of vision and the confidence to lead your teams in the age of digital.

Innovation: A Design Thinking Approach

In today’s disrupted and uncertain business context, constant innovation is the key to staying a step ahead of your competition.

Imperial’s Innovation: A Design Thinking Approach programme challenges you to adopt a completely new mindset, while equipping you with the frameworks and practical tools to transform your ideas into actionable business propositions. You build the entrepreneurial aptitudes and attitudes to inspire your colleagues and your teams to drive innovation together across every function in your organisation.






Digital Transformation Strategy

In this intensive five-day Digital Transformation Strategy course you will gain the skills to develop and implement a digital strategy within your organisation. Drawing on insights from Imperial College Business School faculty, industry leaders, case studies and your peers, you will develop a robust understanding of digital cultures, foundations and frameworks to craft your own transformational strategy.

Leadership in a Technology Driven World

Imperial Leadership in a Technology Driven World Programme is a five-day immersive course that equips participants with the skills to lead their teams through the digital age. The programme offers a practical and personalised learning approach, backed by theory and delivered through interactive coaching elements.

Innovation: A Design Thinking Approach

Imperial Innovation: A Design Thinking Approach programme is a four-day course that guides participants towards becoming champions of innovation within their organisations. The programme delivers hands-on learning experiences that will give participants the mindset and practical tools to develop business ideas into commercial propositions.

Risk Management

The Imperial Risk Management programme is expertly designed to help you spot potential financial, corporate, societal, and environmental risks facing your organisation. And to build the practical tools and frameworks to measure and hedge those risks, to bolster your future performance in these unpredictable times.

Part of the Imperial Finance & Strategy Programme portfolio, this immersive 5 day course integrates live interactive sessions with Imperial College Business School professors and peers from a broad diversity of backgrounds and geographies. Your learning is enriched by insights from faculty, industry leaders and real-world case studies that help translate concept into practice.


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