ISDA Bespoke Training

Work with us to develop a unique training course that can be tailored specifically to your organisation and training needs. This is the ideal solution for firms that have several staff requiring the same training. ISDA will provide instructors, training materials and support designing the curriculum and 4 options on how to deliver the training: In-person in your offices, In-person in ISDA’s Offices in New York or London, completely virtual or hybrid.


Package details:

  • Instruction for 20 – 40 individuals
  • ISDA Materials relevant to curriculum including slides and documentation
  • Up to 8 hours of instruction (One day in-person or split over 2 days virtually)



  • Tailored to your exact needs
  • Cost effective for training multiple staff at once
  • No need to travel
  • Increase team building by teams training together
  • ISDA expert trainers


Submit a Request for Training:

    Approximately how many people would attend the training?

    Approximately when would you like the training to take place?

    Which format are you interested in (select all that apply):

    If looking for in-person training in your offices, where would the training be:

    Briefly describe which topics or areas of focus for the training:

    Any further details you would like to note?



    Please contact us for further details on this or any of our other courses.