2018 Benchmark Fallbacks Consultation

This consultation sought input on the approach for addressing certain technical issues associated with adjustments that will apply to alternative risk-free rates (RFRs) if the fallbacks are triggered. These adjustments are necessary because of the differences between the interbank offered rates and the RFRs.

The consultation is available here. A set of graphs provided by Bloomberg to illustrate certain of the options for adjustments under consideration in the consultation is available here.

ISDA accepted consultation responses from market participants until October 22, 2018.

A webinar describing the approaches under consideration in the consultation and explaining the background of ISDA’s work to implement fallbacks for derivatives referencing key IBORs is available here. This webinar also describes the graphs provided by Bloomberg.

ISDA is also maintaining a list of FAQs (updated September 17, 2018). A second webinar covering many of the FAQs is available here. You can continue to submit questions to FallbackConsult@isda.org at any time during the consultation period.

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